The Sôtô Zen buddhism lineage of Denshinji Temple


A Lineage

A lineage is the spiritual transmission of Shakyamuni Buddha's doctrinal legacy (Dharma) which is performed from person to person by means of the certification of the disciple by the master (shihô) since the origins of Buddhism. This event is then publicly and formally acknowledged and ratified by the Pairs (zuise).

A biological father has the ability to give life to several children, a "master" patriarch too is able to grant his certification of Buddha's doctrinal legacy to several disciples. On the other hand, each "disciple" patriarch can receive only one doctrinal heritage from a unique master patriach in the same way as a son can receive his life only from one father. In "spiritual genealogy" the generations of ancestor buddha-patriarch of all traditions (theravada, mahayna, zen) are computed starting from Shakyamuni - the historical Bouddha - considered as "1st generation" followed by 2nd generation Mahakasyapa and so on.


The Sôtô Zen Buddhism lineage of Shôkôzan Denshinji Temple :

Shakyamuni the Awakened (the Buddha)

(6th century B.C. ). Founder of Buddhism.
1st generation of the historical ancestor buddha-patriarchs. 27 generations have succeded him in India up to Bodhidharma, transmitting the Reality of a buddha (Dharma) taught by Shakyamuni Buddha.

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(6th century A.D.). Founder of Zen tradition.
29th generation in Shakyamuni's legacy and 1st generation of Zen ancestor patriarchs in China. 22 generations of patriarchs have succeded him in China up to Dôgen.

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Eihei Dôgen (Jôyô Daishi)

(1200-1253). Introducer of Sôtô Zen in Japan.
52nd generation in Shakyamuni's legacy and 1st generation in Japan of Sôtô Zen tradition. 29 generations of patriarchs have succeeded him in Japan up to Somon Kôdô Sawaki.

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Keizan Jôkin (Jôsai Daishi)

(1268-1325) 55th generation in Shakyamuni's legacy and 4th generation of Sôtô Zen in Japan. Founder of Sôjiji Temple, Keizan has been named as Soto Zen second founder in Japan at the end of 19th century.>

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Somon Kôdô Sawaki

(1880-1965) 82nd generation in Shakyamuni's legacy in Sôtô Zen tradition. He has been the teacher of many spiritual heirs in Japan among whom was Mokudô Taisen Deshimaru who received monk ordination from him. And Soden Shûyû Narita who received Kodo Sawaki's doctrinal legacy.

Mokudô Taisen Deshimaru

(1914-1982) Introducer of Sôtô Zen tradition in Europe since 1967.
He was ordained as a monk by Somon Kôdô Sawaki whose teachings he received during many years. He received the certification in Buddha's doctrinal legacy from Reirin Yamada.
He had thousands of students. He founded the 1st Zen temple in Europe "La Gendronnière Zen Temple" and a hundred centers for zazen pratice all over Europe. He ordained a large number of monks and nuns among whom was Kengan D. Robert.

Soden Shûyû Narita

(1914-2004) 83rd generation in Shakyamuni's legacy in the Sôtô Zen tradition.
He was the 28th abbot of Tôdenji Temple (Akita - Japan). After Taisen Deshimaru's death he certified in the Buddha's doctrinal legacy in Sôtô Zen tradition, seven European disciples among whom was Kengan D. Robert.

Kengan D. Robert

(1942) 84th generation in Shakyamuni's legacy in the Sôtô Zen tradition. He belongs to the 1st generation of European Zen masters.
He has been ordained as a monk by Mokudô Taisen Deshimaru and he has been certified in Buddha's doctrinal legacy by Soden Shûyû Narita. He followed monk training in the monasteries of Zuiôji and Eiheiji temples.
He founded the Institution and Temple Shôkôzan Denshinji in the town of Blois in the center of France. His teacher zen master Sôden Shûyû Narita is venerated as Denshinji Temple's founder.

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